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By Sir Leiff MacPolk

What is a clan?

The Webster's New World Dictionary defines the word clan as:
"1) a group of families claiming descent from a common ancestor
2) a group of people with interests in common".

The Scottish Gaelic translation for clan is "children".
With this in mind, what can we say about Clanna MacPolk?

As far as a group of families goes, we do have members
that are related to each other in one way or another;
however, we do not share a common ancestor; at least not that we know of.
Many of us have adopted each other in a way; we look after each other as a family would,
keep each other out of trouble, and help each other as much as possible.
I have seen, that the longer someone is in the Clan, the closer that person gets to the other members.
The longer this clan stays together, the tighter the bond gets, and the closer we get to being a family.
We definitely are "a group of people with common interests". We love the fairs and festivals.
That is what drew us together in the first place. It was at a faire, Hawkwood, that Clanna MacPolk
was born.  We love to have fun, then again who doesn't; but it is the way that we have fun that
 draws us together and defines us as a group.
We put on our garb, grab our mugs, hit the pubs, sing old songs, and rant and rave.
Being a clan, a Scottish clan, we share our interest in Scotland and in many cases ancestry.
We may have more common interests, but these are the ones that stand out and are what we are most
known for as a group.  Can we be seen as "children"? Age-wise, I would definitely say, no.
Many people think we are, by the way that we carry about. Truly, we are children at heart.
We get lost in the moment of faire, step out of ourselves, and play a big game of make-believe.
I like to look at it as reclaiming my lost childhood, as I'm sure many of you do. So, yes, we are all children.

What is a clan?
We are a clan.
We are Clanna MacPolk. By all definition and translation, we fit the bill.
So here is to our family, our common interests, and to the child in all of us;
may the Clan prosper and grow in the years to come.
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